Ouija movie4k

Ouija (2014)

After playing the board game Ouija, Debbie Galardi dies mysteriously. Her friends are seeking for answers as to why and how things turned bad and so they try to communicate with what they believed was her spirit. If you enjoy movie2k.com movies then check out “Ouija” even if it’s not Halloween anymore. Shelley Hennig starts […]

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Fury movie4k

Fury (2014)

“Fury” is the Sherman tank’s nickname, apparently it’s where all the action takes place as commander “Wardaddy” Collier and his men — Boyd “Bible” Swan, Trini “Gordo” Garcia, “Grady Coon-Ass” Travis, and Norman Ellison charge into Nazi Germany on a final mission to fight the Nazis. Brad Pitt is cast as the lead role in […]

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My Old Lady Mymoviefolder

My Old Lady (2014)

My Old Lady is a drama comedy movie starring Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas. It’s directed and written by Israel Horovitz. The plot of My Old Lady is about a down on his luck New Yorker named Mathias Gold who receives news that he inherited a Parisian apartment. So he flies to […]

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Meet the Mormons Mymoviefolder

Meet the Mormons (2014)

The film “Meet the Mormons” is not a sports movie, it’s a documentary that you can view on movie4k about 6 people leading very different lives but all have one thing in common: they are Mormons. They all belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Everyday struggles and individual passions are depicted […]

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Addicted Mymoviefolder

Addicted (2014)

A wonderful spouse, well-behaved and charming children, and a successful career do not seem enough for one woman, Zoe Reynard, who allows herself to give in to temptations. She decides to continue living her secret life, and throws caution to the wind. Sharon Leal stars in this film as Zoe Reynard, Boris Kodjoe is his […]

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Left Behind Mymoviefolder

Left Behind (2014)

Ray Steele is an airline pilot who is in the middle of an oft-foretold biblical event known as the Rapture. He makes every effort to keep the plane’s passengers calm, even as his fuel is running out and the plane’s equipment is malfunctioning. His crew is panicking, and he himself is at a loss trying […]

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The Judge Mymoviefolder

The Judge (2014)

Hank Palmer is a big time lawyer who returns to his childhood home to find his estranged father who happens to be a judge the only suspect for a murder. Putting aside his pride and bitterness for the father whose love and approval he always yearned for but never got, Palmer finds out more truth […]

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Dracula Untold Mymoviefolder

Dracula Untold (2014)

Prince Vlad Tepes who hails from the Romanian province of Wallachia was a respectable warrior whose aim was to help his people and stop Ottoman Empire Turks from ruling over. But along the way, Vlad had to make decisions that are painful for him to make and even more painful, literally, for those who try […]

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Anabelle Mymoviefolder

Annabelle (2014)

Mia and John Gordon experience terrifying and supernatural incidences shortly after John brings home a doll that was meant to be a gift for Mia. You can check out “Annabelle” on movie2k.com and witness for yourself turntables playing on their own, the smell of burning popcorn, and gas stoves lighting themselves but these are only […]

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Gone Girl Mymoviefolder

Gone Girl (2014)

Nick Dunne is an annoying husband who cheats and lies all the time. He exhibits strange behavior most of the time so when his wife Amy goes missing everyone thinks he murdered her. He is being pressured from all sides including the media and police. Based on a novel written by Gillian Flynn with the […]

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Welcome To The Home of Online Movies!   Thank You for visiting our website. Just like our partners at movie2k, movie4k and putlocker, you will find all the latest movies available to watch online for free, at your leisure, anytime you want!   We only have one aim here at Movie4k – to please our customers. […]

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The Identical Mymoviefolder

The Identical (2014)

If you watch movies online then you might want to check out The Identical on putlocker. This is a drama musical about twin brothers separated at birth during the Great Depression. One of the twins becomes a celebrated rock star while the other tries to strike a balance between his passion for music and making […]

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The Skeleton Twins Mymoviefolder

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Twins whose relationship soured are reunited after cheating death on the same day and are now given the chance to mend their relationship. Now they are forced to face what went wrong in their relationship and soon they start to realize that fixing their relationship may just be the solution they need to fix their […]

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The Drop Mymoviefolder

The Drop (2014)

Award winning film director Michael R. Roskam once again proves his prowess with the film called The Drop. It’s a crime drama movie starring Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini and Noomi Rapace and is written by Dennis Lehane. Bob Saginowski (Hardy) is dragged in the middle of a robbery that went horribly wrong and he is […]

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A Walk Amongst The Tombstones Mymoviefolder

A Walk Amongst The Tombstones (2014)

Here’s a crime mystery movie you should download at movie2k. A Walk Amongst The Tombstones stars Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens and David Harbour. Directed and written by Scott Frank, it is based on a bestselling series written by Lawrence Block. Matthew Scudder (Neeson) is an unlicensed private investigator who is hired by a drug kingpin […]

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This is Where I Leave You Mymoviefolder

This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

Majority of the time when you form an-list cast, you know it’s going to be a really good movie. This is exactly the case with This Is Where I Leave You. This movie stars Tina Fey and Jason Bateman, along with Corey Stoll and Jane Fonda. It’s based on a novel written by Jonathan Tropper […]

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Dolphin Tale 2 Mymoviefolder

Dolphin Tale 2 (2014)

Dolphin Tale 2 is the sequel to the first Dolphin Tale film and here, the team of humans who saved Winter get together once again after Winter’s surrogate mom died. They are on a quest to find a companion for her so that she will still be able to stay at the Clearwater Marine Hospital. […]

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The Box Trolls Mymoviefolder

The Boxtrolls (2014)

The animation movie The Boxtrolls is based on a kid’s book called Here Be Monsters, written by Alan Snow. It tells the story about a young orphan who was raised by cave dwellers. His inexperience with the outside world is now being tested as he bravely sets out to save his friends from an evil […]

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No Good Deed Mymoviefolder

No Good Deed (2014)

No Good Deed is a crime thriller film you can download on movie2k.com. No Good Deed tells the story about an unstable convict escapee who now takes control of a woman and her two kids in their home. Terri is a devoted wife and mom but makes the mistake of allowing a smooth-talking stranger (the […]

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The Equalizer Mymoviefolder

The Equalizer (2014)

One of the films you can now view on movie2k is The Equalizer. It’s a crime thriller that stars Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas and Chloe Grace. Antoine Fuqua directed it while Richard Wenk wrote it. The film is based on a television series by Michael Sloan. The Equalizer is about a man who is now […]

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The Maze Runner Mymoviefolder

The Maze Runner (2014)

The film starts when Thomas is dropped off in a community of young boys and his memory has been wiped out. Thomas soon finds out that he is imprisoned in the Glade, which is essentially a maze built with complicated walls and corridors. His goal is to escape from the Maze with other “runners.” Starring […]

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